Uncle Murda Ft. Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, & Young Jeezy - Warning скачать трек бесплатно - 7 Ноября 2011 - Rap и hip-hop mp3 бесплатно. Треклист рэпа
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Uncle Murda Ft. Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, & Young Jeezy - Warning скачать трек бесплатно


Категория: 50cent

Автор: komuk

Название : Warning

Размер: 4 МБ

Битрейт : 192

Исполнители: Uncle Murda, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent,  Young Jeezy

Год выпуска : 2011

Скачать Warning бесплатно

Текст песни

[mariah carey]

this is a warning
this is a warning, it's been a warning
warned you the last time, warning you once again

[verse 1 — uncle murda]
me and mariah gettin' money, ooh we gettin' paper
i ain't playin' i ain't playin, i'll smack the shit outta hater
i'm the streets, i'm the gutter, ooh i'm so hood
my main chick caught me cheatin', ooh i'm tiger woods
remix after remix, ooh i got a hit
in the club feelin' myself like ooh i'm the shit
i got brooklyn on my back, watch how i hold it down
i got biggie up in heaven like, ooh he makin' me proud
i run new york right now, ooh this my town
i just woke up one mornin', like ooh i'm wearin' the crown
oh they shook, oh they nervous, ooh i got 'em scared
i'm 50 when he first came out, ending rapper careers (yeah)

[hook - mariah carey]
this, this is a warning (this is a warning)
warned you one last time, warning you once again

[verse 2 — 50 cent]
e'rything cool 'till i blackout, ooh you gone get it
run, your back'll be my target ooh i'm gone hit it
niggas see me with the strap out, ooh they start snitchin'
fuck the wrong bitch raw, then it's oowoh when you're pissin'
all i do is blow paper, ooh i gotta get it
back to back, my two ferrari's, ooh i just shitted
come through bumpin' murda, ooh i make 'em sick
[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/warning-remix-lyrics-uncle-murda.html ]
it's a warning, i'm tired of warning 'em kid
i tell the homies to drop 'em, not even the d's could stop them
bottles and bottles we pop 'em
they scheme, we sit there and watch 'em
trust me they move, or we got 'em
got them gym stars in the chopper
my niggas pull 'em and pop 'em, click clack now back your ass back


[verse 3 — young jeezy]
(lets go. yeah. look)
i said it's snow and uncle murda bitch (murda bitch), call me cousin chopper hoe
jizzle why they call you that?
'cause i let the chopper go (boom, boom, boom)
goin' down my shooting list, send a couple warnin' shots (yeah)
summers mine too bitch, i make a nigga mornin' (lets go)
i gets money, i gets money, ooh i'm havin' paper
man i'm sayin fuck the plan, ooh these niggas haters (yeah)
man they thought that i was over, i'm like ooh you niggas trippin'
i'm with wink, loc, and brooklyn like, ooh these niggas crippin' (haha)
catch me out in harlem like, ooh these niggas bloodin'
man them bitches see the roley like, whose your country cousin? (damn)
on the phone with the game i'm like, ooh too many fakers
keep blowin' all this purp, they might ooh, think we the lakers (yeah)
what's wrong with the streets? i'm like, ooh too many snitches
all around me in the club, i'm like who? too many bitches (yeah)
i'm just sayin, why they hatin'? i'm like ooh, they wanna be this
snow mizzle, uncle murda i'm like ooh this is the remix (what's up)

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