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Bulk SMS notification - advantages of IntisTele.com service


bulk sms notification

The modern market is capable of creating comfortable conditions for promoting and advertising brands. For example, the so-called bulk sms notification services are increasingly being used. You should understand what it is and what services intistele.com provides before using this new but useful service.

What are the advantages of intistele.com?

The benefits of using the service include the following:

  • The presence of a high-tech SMS messaging program allows you to simplify the procedure, make it more flexible and understandable for both a beginner and a more experienced user.
  • A simple and intuitive Web2SM control panel allows you to start using the service even for clients who do not have basic programming skills. You can create and run SMS mailings and campaigns yourself. In this case, only a few minutes will pass from start to launch. To increase the effectiveness of your mailing list, you should use tags and templates that have been pre-tested for effectiveness before launching.
  • The service has an active referral program. Which will allow you to earn up to 10% from each successfully brought client. Funds are received from the amounts that the client will replenish his account with within a month.

The company is international with several offices around the world, including in New York and Moscow. Also, customers note a loyal pricing policy. If in a number of competitive resources the price per message can reach up to 8 rubles, in the case of intistele.com the cost of one message is 0.3 rubles. Such a price will not hit the budget and will not only save money, but also earn good interest from affiliate programs. 

Among other things, the system runs on all, even weak PCs and laptops. Therefore, you do not have to waste time adjusting the gadgets for the new software.

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